Metacognition, Memory, and Aging Lab

The metacognition, memory, and aging lab is directed by Dr. Uma Tauber and based out of the Department of Psychology at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.

A Bit about Us

We are interested in learning and memory with a particular focus on study decisions and self-assessments of learning. Our primary goal is to identify methods to improve students' self-regulated learning and achievement in their actual classrooms. We also adopt a lifespan approach to investigating these issues and frequently work with members of the community to explore the impact of healthy aging on learning and memory. Visit the research, publications, and press coverage pages to learn more.

Also be sure to visit the opportunities page to learn about participating in our experiments!

Our collaborative team includes hard working undergraduate research assistants and fantastic graduate students. Visit the people page for details and the opportunities page for information on how to join our team.

We value transparency in scientific work, so we are happy to make our materials and data accessible to researchers and educators. To do so, we frequently use the open science framework (visit the publications page and look for OSF links). You may also reach out to Uma via email or phone to inquire about obtaining materials or data for published work.

Community Newsletter