Current Lab Team

2023 Lab Members

Back Row: Morgan Shumaker, Dr. Addy Babienau, Sarah Cliborn, Morgan Amberg, Maria Mendoza, Bella Vrana, & Dr. Uma Tauber

Front Row: Mary Helen McCulloch, Esmy Herrera, Lila Wojcik, Sara Frances Lowery, May Arauz, & Dr. Michelle Rivers

Not Pictured: Ashley Berdelis & Emily Smith

Graduate Student

Morgan Shumaker, M.S.

I received my B.A. in Psychology from Shippensburg Universityin Pennsylvania and my M.A. in Experimental Psychology From Radford University in Virginia. My research interests include memory, learning, and metacognition. My goals are to understand how and why learners select various study strategies, how well they can monitor their own learning, and how these factors affect memory. I am also interested in how people engage with external tools (e.g., smartphones) to store information and how externally storing this information enhances or diminishes memory.